Friday, January 18, 2008

Good As Gold . . .

Dutiful Daughter Samantha's quick update on Kernal Ken:

I spent time with my dad this morning. His teeth are out and his feeding tube is in. He seems to be faring as well as can be expected for someone who had two surgeries in one day. Translation: he feels like he got pummeled in the mouth and kicked in the gut! The bad news is that instead of removing three molars, the dental team took out five. The good news is that dad managed to get out of the hospital with his two gold capped teeth in hand (see picture above)-- something the doctor's assured him NEVER happens! We're all thinking some kind of jewelry should be made!

He's taking the next few days to rest, eat lots of soft, highly caloric food (can you say milkshake?), and adjust to the new situation.
His spirits are still high and he's braver than most. Thanks for your prayers and well wishes. They are just what he needs!
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Mindelicious said...

Matt and I were hoping for a grody picture of the port in the stomach. Maybe next time!

Did you put your teeth under your pillow?

starz916 said...

i agree! something special should be made! keep your head up papa ken! ♥

Sue said...

Perhaps you could mount the gold teeth in a ring, and if those doctors start getting too sadistic with you, just punch 'em in the nose!

In the meantime, enjoy all the jello you can; it'll remind you of all the people who love you in Utah!

Rachael said...

Since I'm a total stranger and merely friend to Audrey and Samantha, I've been loathe to comment on your actual blog. HOWEVER, we love your commentary and your family and ergo, you. You're in our prayers, too.