Friday, June 6, 2008

D is for Dunce and for D-Day

Last post,
"Knock 'em dead?"
I was toast;
Few read.

Lesson learned,
Be concise;
Elsewise spurned -
Not nice...

Keep it brief,
Make it charming.
Bears bring grief
And so does warming.

In a rut
Come Monday;
My neck cut.
Please pray.

With relief
To reach high ground
I'll be real brief
Next time around.

Today is also the 64th anniversary of the D-Day Normandy Invasion.  

While Omaha Beach rightly receives most attention due to casualties, the Rangers at Pointe du Hoc achieved a feat of arms almost unparalleled in military history.

Of the 225 members of the 2d Ranger Battalion who, under fire with grenades dropping on them from above, scaled the 100 foot high cliffs between Omaha and Utah Beaches, only 50 remained fit to fight two days later.

Although the coastal guns they sought were not in the fortifications on the cliffs, the Rangers found and destroyed the guns, thus completing their mission.

High Ground.  The Greatest Generation, indeed.


The Dragonfly said...

Ha ha! Concise and some clever poetry to boot! That's what I'm talking about. Your fans will be back in droves. :)

We're praying hard for you every day, but especially on Monday. Love you.

The Queen Vee said...
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Tobi said...

Dear Ken,

I find you hilarious. I especially loved your poem. Keep writing and I promise to keep commenting.

Love you muchly,

Camp Wilkinson

The Queen Vee said...

You were brief
And quite charming
Learned a lesson
So disarming

Bears may come
Heat may grow
But long blogs stink
And now you know

Hot bears, who cares?

I feel all will go well on Monday and we DO appreciate all prayers, we feel their strength and power!

The Dragonfly said...

And a bonus - a poem from the Queenie! We are lucky this week! :)

queenie said...

I liked the long blog. that's what a blog is for!
Praying for a great outcome tomorrow!

Matt said...

Dad, I just heard that your surgery went well and that your golf swing won't be impacted. Get better soon so that we can hit the links in August!

Sue said...

If long blog posts stink, I am ruined. Sometimes a girl just can't shut up!

So happy to read the news on Sam's blog. Keep on climbing to that high ground!