Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chicken Little Was Right...

Hi, guys!

An important article up on the AP website this AM.  Wanted to be sure you didn't miss it.  I have highlighted a few points.

 A rocket carrying a NASA global warming satellite splashed into the ocean near Antarctica early Tuesday after a failed launch.
The Taurus XL rocket carrying the Orbiting Carbon Observatory blasted off just before 2 a.m. from California's Vandenberg Air Force BaseBut minutes later, a cover protecting the satellite during launch failed to separate from the rocket, a preliminary investigation found.
The 986-pound satellite was supposed to be placed into an orbit some 400 miles high to track carbon dioxide emissionsThe rocket landed in the ocean near Antarctica
A group of environment ministers from more than a dozen countries met on the southern continent this week to get the latest science on global warming. 
The observatory was NASA's first satellite dedicated to monitoring carbon dioxide on a global scale. Measurements collected from the $280 million mission were expected to improve climate models and help researchers determine where the greenhouse gas originates and how much is being absorbed by forests and oceans.
Carbon dioxide is the leading greenhouse gas and its buildup helps trap heat from the sun, causing potentially dangerous warming of the planet. Carbon dioxide emissions rose 3 percent worldwide from 2006 to 2007, according to international science agencies."

Well, several thoughts come to mind.

1.  Launching a rocket named "Taurus" was certainly not too wise.  The only worse choice would have been to launch one named "Edsel."

2.  Okay, the purpose of the program was to track carbon dioxide.  Where does it come from and where does 50% of it disappear to?  Give me the $280 Million this failed Taurus mission cost and I'll answer the question.  0.117% comes from human activity, the rest from nature.  That's $31 Million  per word.  Next question?

3.  I'll bet that in a about a week or two, some "scientist" is going to report a "spike" in the ocean temperature near Antarctica.  Of course, it will be attributed to global warming, not to the fiery crash of a NASA rocket.

4.  I am curious as to where the "environment ministers" from more than a dozen countries met in Antarctica this week.  Did the Ross Ice Shelf Hilton have a series of cancellations which permitted the ministers and their myriad of straphangers to slip in?

5.  Finally, AP reports that carbon dioxide is "the leading greenhouse gas."  Leading in what?  Certainly not in quantity - water vapor is 95% of greenhouse gas, while CO2 is only 3.618%.  Maybe "leading" is as in "leading lady?"  Or perhaps "leading" means leading the uninformed public around by the nose?  In truth, carbon dioxide is "THE MOST MISLEADING GREENHOUSE GAS!"  Strong opinions follow...

Best wishes to John, Kirk, Denise, Jean, Sonya and others who are working their way through health issues at this time.
When you're up on the high ground, be certain you're not downrange from any rockets named after Ford products...  


The Dragonfly said...

I'm imagining "Hi Guys" said by a sweet little blond gal I know.

You are funny dad! Maybe Pres. Obama could add another couple hundred million to his stimulus package for satellite recovery and relaunch.

Tobi said...

What a waste of MONEY!! All good points. Especially why in the world did they pick Taurus? It was doomed to failure once they decided on that name.

Apis Melliflora said...


Thus named because of the stubborness of the astrological sign. Or maybe a failed attempt to lend the market a bull (wasting money is still spending money after all).

The Queen Vee said...

Your funny honey.