Saturday, January 19, 2008

Deal or No Deal?

For the better part of my life, I have been under the military healthcare system.  There, I always assumed that whatever the doctors told me to do, that's what I did - after all, I was Government Issue.

Last Thursday, some of that changed.  I was surprised to hear that the Great Klavern of dentists and oral surgeons had upped the ante from three molars on the right side to five, four on the bottom and one on top.  Why, I asked?  Because the radio-oncologists had now mapped the beams and more teeth were in the path.  Oh, and just be sure, the recommendation now included molars on the left side as well.

Well, not so well.  I objected to any left side teeth being taken since everyone previously had said that they would be at little risk.  So, the docs said "It's your call," perhaps to raise the stakes with left teeth so that I would fold on the five right.  I made the deal, but I recognized for the first time, that there was actually a deal possible.

Armed with that new knowledge, I asked for my gold crowns to be returned to me.  When they objected on policy grounds, I reopened the gambit on right side teeth.  So, the policy was changed and you saw the  gold on Sam's post.

The teeth spaces are actually healing pretty well, and Victoria makes a great smoothie.

The feeding tube insertion was different.  For my Ranger friends, recall when your buddy (like my nice guy, Mark Bailey) didn't kick you hard enough after he put you down with some throw or another.  Then, our friends, the Ranger Cadre, would come over and show both of you how to kick someone when they're down.  That's what my gut feels like right now.  For you civilians, imagine two rounds with Mohammed Ali working on your ribs...

But this too shall pass.  My son-in-law, Travis Lee, bought me an EASY button at Staples, and I drove the folks in the Hospital crazy, at least while I was conscious.  "Well, that was easy" was heard after every attempt to get me under control.

Some healing time now for a week or two, but still appointments at NNMC to prepare for the beginning of radio and chemotherapy on Super Bowl +1.

Thank you for all your prayers and support.

Grip Hands,  Ken


The Dragonfly said...

How'd you superimpose the West Point thing on there? Clever!

Kernal Ken said...

Pick from the list below:

You can have Staples personalize your Easy Button.

You can shine a magic Class Crest outline using high power cathode ray lights.

You can have a son who understands and can apply

The crest is an unexpected apparition from above.

Tobi said...

I love the easy button. I'm sorry about your stomach. I hope you feel better before you start chemo and radation treatments.

Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

Ken you on your way out of consciousness must have been a riot. When they put Logan under once I wished I'd have a video camera he was so funny. I can only imagine how much funnier you were with Easy Button in hand. I'm glad to see the spirits are high. T sends his love and HOOAHS - he's home this weekend.

squeezeme said...

Ken, this is our first visit to your site. We are grateful for a way to receive updates on our favortie Kernel....You and Dr. Thorn (Scharman's Dentist Dad) will need to compare gold crowns. As for the jewelry dad took up ring making about 15 years ago....all of the gold used in his rings no kidding came from his patients' mouthes, who never asked for their gold back. (He's got about $40k worth right his back up retirement plan!) Hey, by the way I am rereading Killer Angels as a book club reviewer right now and it's bringing back poignant memories from our visit with you to Gettysburg. We love you and our pray are with you.
Scharman & Matt

Crazy Granny said...

It was nice to talk with you Kernal Ken. You sounded pretty good. I'll keep my eye on you.

Rachelle said...

I am glad that you have started this blog so we can keep tabs on you!

Keep hanging in there! You have a great attitude. If you stand your ground with the cancer the same way you do with the doctors, I am sure you will come through just fine.

As someone who was also on doctor ordered milkshakes...I highly reccomend the ones from Jack in the Box.

Sue said...

Hi Ken-

I was thinking about you today, convalescing and abusing your Easy Button, and I realized that this Saturday is that most patriotic contest of all, the Miss America Pageant. Grab your box of tissues and put your hand over your heart, cause here come the hotties!

It will surely raise your spirits!