Sunday, June 15, 2008

Who's Your Daddy?

I (The Queen Vee) am sneaking onto Ken's blog today to wish him Happy Father's Day. Of course he's not my daddy, that would be Victor Nelson, but he is the the daddy of my children.

So Ken, thank you for being my partner in parenting. Your children are blessed to have you for their dad. Like all good fathers, you have carried the responsibility of fathering on your broad shoulders now for over 36 years and you have done it exceedingly well.

Yes, once you were younger and could hold two kids on your shoulders.

Then those kids grew up and soon you found yourself standing with them shoulder to shoulder.

Now they stand with you en masse, fathers themselves, pushing shoulder to shoulder marking the goal for their families. (What cute guys!)

So today I honor you and I honor our sons for taking on this mantle of fatherhood. There are no perfect fathers, just as there are no perfect mothers, but I think you guys are all up there at the very top of the fatherhood pyramid.

This young, good looking man is my father who is now well into his 90th year. Last week he went into hospice care as he is getting ready to graduate and take the big journey. I love him and I honor him this day. His posterity is now over 80 plus direct descendants. The influence my father has had can now be seen in my grandchildren. That's the impact a good dad can have. If you would like to know my father better you can check out my sister's blog where she has posted a fitting and perfect tribute to a man who sang in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for 25 years.

Happy Father's day to all these special men in my life. I'm fortunate to be on the high ground with these guys.


The Dragonfly said...

I don't know who changed the "ya" to "yer", but now it's gone from sounding hip to sounding country! Nevertheless, I have to comment on my great dad! I love this man so much! He is all the wonderful things a dad should be - funny, goofy, generous, smart and caring. I'm so glad he is MY daddy!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post. Very heartwarming - and the photos are darling.

Anonymous said...

Love this post.
-Black Sheep

Tobi said...

Great tribute Queenie. Love that Uncle Ken. All the photos are perfect for this blog. I hope Ken had a good Fathers Day.