Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Rest My Case...

German zoo: Polar bear mom may have eaten her cub

Nuremberg, Germany (AP) Dec 10, 2008

The Nuremberg Zoo says that one of a pair of twin polar bears has died - and that it is possible its mother ate it.

The twin bears were born three weeks ago to Vera, who is also the mother of the zoo's celebrity polar bear - Flocke.

Flocke had been rejected by her mother, Vera, and was hand-raised by zookeepers.

Vera did not reject the two new cubs born in late November, but the zoo says that the twin cub died Monday.  The cub had not yet been named.

The bear can no longer be seen on a video monitoring the animal's enclosure.  The zoo said Wednesday it is possible Vera ate it.

The zoo says cubs typically have about a 50% chance of survival.  The other cub remains in good health.

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P.S. From the Kernal:  The mother bear was recently overheard on FBI wiretaps talking to the Governor of Illinois about the chances of being appointed to fill the Senate seat of President-elect Obama.  The price discussed was one million dollars or one polar bear cub.

Rejected cub Flocke is currently under the protection of US Marshals sent to Nuremberg.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely picture of a beautiful animal. However, he would fit in well with any politics or organizations known for eating their young.
Could possibly be a great leader in nursing since she/he is already in white, just needs a cap. Nursing is notorious for eating their young.
It was a lovely picture. You certainly make me laugh and frown at the same time.Take care always Jean

The Dragonfly said...

I'm sad about this story. I'm also suprised you haven't written or said anything about famous polar German polar bear "Knut" who is possibly going to be kicked out of the zoo he made famous.

The Queen Vee said...

I'm barely able to keep up with all your bear stories, I know grin and bear it. But bear with me okay. I'm sure you feel that you have barely covered the subject of polar bears and you may be right. I pesonally feel that bear blog posts have pretty much run the course and it's time to take a bear break.

Bears eating bear babies at Christmas makes me beary sad.

How much can a bare bear bear ?

Unknown said...

I have never laughed so much between your blog and the comments. I enjoy my polar bears in lights outside my front door. They never need to be fed and they DO NOT eat their young. The baby polar bears are sliding on the ice at my house. Maybe it is the 2huskies who are keeping everyone in line outside or maybe it is the cardinals,pelquin,deer or snowman. At my home everyone is happy together.

Apis Melliflora said...

One of mine could have written his school report on the endangered polar bear, but he chose the endangered giant panda instead. Giant pandas can do headstands and somersaults!

Can't say much about the treacherous mama polar bear, but this: are they feeding her enough meat?

Crazy Granny said...

Well all I have to say is that it's good that Rachelle wasn't hungry after the birth if the quints. It's also good that she isn't a polar bear, because then Jayson might be in danger.